Words cannot describe.


Today was the second toughest day of my lifetime. Heaven received a 4-footed angel this morning.

I had to let my sweet Labrador girl Abbey go today. Her roommate Tess was by her side at the vet’s office as I held her.
She was a constant joy, full of spirit and companionship for 15+ years. One tough retriever in the field, a sweetheart for Casey and a friend for Tess. 

From the time I brought her home, she was the biggest sweetheart. Always quick with a kiss and she loved to snuggle. When she slept on the bed she had a routine of laying long ways next to me and giving me two kisses before she put her head on my chest and fell asleep.

She was a wonderful retriever and loved her ducks. Always the smallest dog at the AKC hunt tests she worked hard and impressed the judges with her ability and drive. She was a thinking dog and no matter where the duck landed she found a way to get to it and bring it back to me.  She got her Junior Hunter title in two back-to-back weekends.

Run and play in fields forever and Casey and Darby will find you.

Goodbye my loyal friend. 

Abbey              Dutch Hollow’s Steal A Heart, JH       December 11, 2000 to April 30, 2016


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